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The largest media portals in the Berlingske Media portfolio provide excellent coverage of Greater Copenhagen and the largest cities in Denmark.


This is the No. 1 newspaper East of The Great Belt. The average readers have a much higher income than the average Danish family and they are characterised by their purchasing power and focus on good quality of lifestyle products, entertainment and design.


This is a family-oriented tabloid and one of the dailies in Denmark with the widest coverage. BT is easily digested, serious, entertaining and is relevant to its readers who see it as a credible news source. BT readers have a wide news interest across the subjects of domestic, sports, entertainment and crime.


This is a newspaper which tolerates no compromise or deference; there is plenty of column space for the articles – which is an absolute necessity.
This is a newspaper with a place for entertainment and light-heartedness.
This is a newspaper which will last the entire week.


Metroxpress is nationwide with focus on major cities and every morning before 07:00 am, racks and other contact points are ready with today’s news. It is free, easily accessible and for people on the move.


If you are interested in further information on our media platforms, print or online, please contact our International Sales Department.

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