With BT, readers are always entertained and updated. Our passionate journalists, editors and experts write daily about politics, sports, health, debate, consumption and lifestyle. We give readers insight and latest news about everything that’s going on:

  • We volgen en beïnvloeden de discussie in de samenleving, zodat lezers opvattingen, conflicten en perspectieven krijgen die belangrijk zijn voor hen en hun leven.
  • We keep an eye on politicians and all those who pull in the threads and we ensure that readers get a clear message.
  • We fold the sport beyond 16 pages daily, so readers know everything about the stars doing – both on the pitch and in the backbone.
  • We leiden de lezers naar het goede leven en geven hen veel tips en adviezen over gezondheid, voeding en oefening.

BT is for the news-interested Dane who wants journalistic quality served in an easy accessible, tabloid and entertaining form. The target audience for the newspaper is the mature reader, w / ki aged 35-65 years with own housing and home-grown children. At and mobile, our focus is to a greater extent on the younger target group. Typical for both groups is a wide news interest across India, sports, entertainment and cruelty.

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BT is Denmark’s sports newspaper, and it commits. Every day BT is published on print with 16-page sports journalism of the highest quality.

Always well-qualified, always interesting, always on the spot – so readers are dressed from the first whistle. Med en av Danmarks største sportsudgaver vi dækker alle de vigtige kampe og sport, som betyder noget for danskerne – både hjemme og internationalt.
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[toggle title = “BT TV guide”] Every Friday we guide readers to the weekend in front of the screen. On 12 pages, we give a full overview of the best of the coming week’s TV. The highlights of the week are served in small stories, and we provide an expanded overview and recommendations on the weekend’s movies.
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[toggle title = “BT Weekend”] The lifestyle magazine BT Weekend is published every Saturday and offers 28-page feel-good experiences in life and culture. The magazine allows readers to immerse when they have time for it.

Through entertaining and life-provoking articles, BT Weekend inspires readers in fashion, beauty, food and health. There are portraits of everything from celebrities to everyday dancers, and the main purpose is to leave readers with a sense of enjoyment and usefulness. [/ Toggle]

[toggle title = “BT Travels”] Every Sunday, readers can let their mind fly to exotic destinations in the BT Travel Addition. Here you will receive travel reports, great photo reports, tips, tricks and guiding materials for the perfect vacation – both in the big city and in distant skies.
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[toggle title = “BT Søndag”] Every Sunday, readers can immerse themselves in the supplement BT Sunday. It’s about ordinary Danes’ unusual stories. Added surprisingly, funny, deep interviews with celebrities.
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